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Textile Formaldehyde Meter

Textile Formaldehyde Meter

Model :T272
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  • Textile Formaldehyde Meter
  • Textile Formaldehyde Meter


Textile formaldehyde meter which is also called textile or fabric formaldehyde tester is to determine the amount of free formaldehyde and formaldehyde extracted partly through hydrolysis by means of a water extraction method. The tester can also be used to determine the release formaldehyde by means of vapor absorption method.
Textile Formaldehyde Meter


ISO 14148-1  ISO 14148-2  AATCC 112  GB/T 2912.1  GB/T 2912.2  GB 18401  SN/T 2195


  • Double control of tester and computer provides automatic data analysis.
  • Free chosen of wavelength, absorbance, absorption curve and transmittance.
  • Automatic calculation for 100% and 0%.


Item Detail
Testing range 5.00-500.00mg/kg
(Sample diluted up to 5000mg/kg)
Transmittance 0%-100%
Absorbance 0-2.0
Light source Tungsten halogen lamp
Wavelength 325-1100nm
Spectral bandwidth 2nm
Light system Automatic calibration light path
Wavelength accuracy ±1nm
Wavelength repeatability ±0.5nm
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 400mm×300mm×200mm
Net weight 15kg


No. Product
2027201 Textile formaldehyde meter
2027202 Computer with analysis software
2027203 Testing kit
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