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Nonwovens Run-Off Tester

Nonwovens Run-Off Tester

Model :T534
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Nonwovens Run-Off Tester
  • Nonwovens Run-Off Tester


Nonwovens runoff tester is designed to determine the fluid handing characteristics of nonwoven materials used for hygienic disposable products, such as baby diapers. Its property is characterized by maximum leakage prevention, skin protection, functionality and comfort. A specified mass of test liquid is poured on to the nonwoven test specimen superimposed on a standard absorbent media and placed on an inclined plane, the quantity of test liquid(simulated urine) which runs down the specimen was measured. The tester is applied to compare run-off nonwovens, it is not intended to simulate in-use conditions of finished products.


ISO 9073-11, Edana 152.0-99, YY/T 0506.3-2005,GB/T 24218.11


  • Stable structure with long service life.
  • Angle of inclined plane can be adjusted.


Item Detail
Liquid dosing unit 25 mm above the specimen
Angle of inclined plane 5-30 degree,adjustable
 Flow rate  25g in 4s
 Diameter of glass tube 5mm
Distance bewteen two reference lines  250±0.2mm
Position of the lower line of reference 3±0.2mm from the lower end of the table
Position of the upper line of reference Ca. 25mm from the upper end of the test piece
 Dimension 260mm×450mm×510mm
 Weight 8kg


No. Product
2053401 Nonwovens run-off tester


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