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Sweating Guarded Hotplate

Sweating Guarded Hotplate

Model :T377
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  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate
  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate
  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate


Sweating guarded hotplate is the textile testing instrument for measuring of thermal and water-vapour resistance properties under steady-state conditions. By testing the thermal resistance and water-vapour resistance of textile materials, the tester provides a direct data for characterizing the textiles’ physiological comfort which involve a complex combination of heat and mass transfer. The hotplate is intended to simulate the heat and mass transfer processes which occur next to human skin and measure the hence transport properties in a steady-state conditions involving combinations of temperature relative humidity, air speed, and in liquid or gaseous phase.
Sweating Thermal Guarded Hotplate


ISO 11092  GB/T 11048  ASTM F1868  ASTM D1518  JIS L1096


  • Separated type structure is convenient for control and.
  • Computer with analysis software is for displaying all the real-time data, remote control and creating test reports. It is automatic calculation for thermal resistance, water-vapour resistance (evaporative resistance), water-vapour permeability index, clo, insulation value, heat loss.
  • Microprocessor computer and data processor is more steady and reliable.
  • Wireless wifi data transmisson provides the remote control and monitoring.
  • Automatic calibration system is more convenient to operate and provides exact testing results.
  • Built-in testing modes as standards is easy to use.
  • LED lighting provides better viewing conditions.

Sweating Thermal Guarded Hotplate


Item Detail
Hotplate Test plate, guard section, bottom plate
Test plate 250mm×250mm×3mm porous metal plate
Thermal resistance rang 0-2m²K/W
Indicating error ≤2%
Repeatability ≤±2%
Resolution 0.001 m²K/W
Water-vapour resistance 0-1000m²Pa/W
Indicating error ≤2%
Repeatability ≤±2%
Resolution 0.01 m²Pa/W
Moving stroke of hotplate 0-70mm
Air speed Adjustable 0-2m/s
Indicating error 1%
Testing conditions Standard mode and user defined mode
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 780mm×560mm×750mm
Net weight 30kg


No. Product
2037701 Sweating guarded hotplate
2037702 Computer with analysis software
2037703 Temperature and humidity chamber
2037704 Nomex defender 750 yellow for ASTM F1868


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