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Schildknecht Flexing Tester

Schildknecht Flexing Tester

Model :L305
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  • Schildknecht Flexing Tester


Schildknecht flex cracking resistance tester is designed to determine the dynamic flex fatigue properties of coated fabrics using uni-directional effects. By providing pre-set number of cycles for alternately compressed and relaxed of cylindrical form specimen, the tester can be used to evaluate the fatigue performance by counting numbers when the damage or breakdown to the tested specimen is apparent. It is to determine the flex cracking resistance by compression folding of coated fabric.

schildknecht flexing tester


BS EN ISO 7854, BS 3424, EN 14325, ISO 20471 clause 7.4.2


  • Ten test positions.
  • Pre-setting test numbers.
  • Compact structure requires less test space.


Item Detail
Position 10
Frequency 8.3Hz±0.4Hz(498±24r/min)
Test radius R460mm
Test stroke 11.7mm±0.35mm
Power supply 220V 50Hz/110V 50Hz
Dimension 400mm×600mm×350mm
Net weight 30kg


No. Product
1230501 Schildknecht flex cracking resistance tester
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