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Hydrostatic Head Tester

Hydrostatic Head Tester

Model :T375
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Hydrostatic Head Tester
  • Hydrostatic Head Tester
  • Hydrostatic Head Tester


Hydrostatic head pressure tester is designed to determine the resistance to water penetration of materials by hydrostatic pressure method. By measuring the opposition to the passage of water through the tested specimen, the tester is to provide standard testing conditions for operator to note the test terminal point. The tester is primarily intended for ducks, tarpaulins, tentings, waterproof materials and other materials which are used for impermeable application, such as chemical protective clothing or medical protective clothing.
fabric water proofness test


GB/T 4744  AATCC 127  ISO 811  EN 20811  BS 2823  BS 3424  BS 3321  ISO9073  EN 343  ISO 1420A  DIN 53886  IST 080.4  IST 080.6  JIS L1092  AFNOR G07-057  ERT-120-1  ERT-160-0  EDANA 120.2  ISO 16603  ASTM F1670  YYT 0700  ASTM F903


  • Pneumatic clamps with adjustable air pressure can provide solid clamping force.
  • Color touch screen control panel is easy to use and maintain.
  • Selectable testing modes can satisfy different testing requirements.
  • Built-in alarm function.
  • LED observing lamp is convenient for checking the terminal end of testing.


Item Detail
Pressure range 0-3mH2O (0-300kPa)
Pressure resolution 1mm H2O
Testing time 1-99.99min (±0.1min)
Max testing time One week
Pressure rate 1-100kPa/min
Testing head 100cm2
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 500mm×450mm×600mm
Net weight 60kg


No. Product
2037501 Hydrostatic head pressure tester
2037502 Selectable testing head kit
2037503 External testing head kit
2037504 Air compressor


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