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Surface and Volume Resistivity Meter

Surface and Volume Resistivity Meter

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The resistivity is to measure the surface resistivity and volume resistivity on protective clothing or any other man made materials. Especially the products or garments whose intended use are in a static sensitive conditions, such as clean room or electronics areas. An exact understanding about the resistive property of the materials will reduce the potential hazards and damages caused by static electricity and raise the comfort for wearer as the right choice for garments.
Surface and volume resistivity meter,BS EN 1149 resistivity tester, DIN 54345 volume resistivity test apparatus


BS EN 1149  GB/T 12703.4  BS 6524  BS 6233  DIN 54345


  • Compact structure design will save more space.
  • User friendly panel is easy to operate.
  • Digital display of the results with quick response, high resolution and automatic measuring function bring more reliable performance.


Item Detail
Measuring range 1×105Ω-1.999×1014Ω
Voltage  100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
Error ≤±10%
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension  350mm×260mm×140mm
Net weight 7.5kg


No. Product
2040301 Surface and volume resistivity meter
2040302 Testing resistor
2040303 Extra resistor box

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