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Static Decay Analyzer

Static Decay Analyzer

Model :T402
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  • Static Decay Analyzer
  • Static Decay Analyzer
  • Static Decay Analyzer
  • Static Decay Analyzer


Static decay analyzer is to measure the static decay of material and products. The analyzer includes three parts: the control unit which supplies the high voltage power and measuring the charge changes, the test fixture with the faraday cage can hold different formed specimens, and the environmental chamber which provides a certain temperature and humidity testing environment. It is the best choice for new material R&D, QC of manufacturing and certification for mechanisms.
Static decay analyzer,IST 40.2 static decay tester, MIL STD 3010 static decay test apparatus


GB 19082  IST 40.2  MIL STD 3010  NFPA 99  ANSI/ESD S541


  • Separation structure design to provide stable and reliable testing performance.
  • Automatic test will reduce the mistakes.
  • High decay time resolution.
  • Real-time display and analysis software is easy to operate and better for data storage.


Item Detail
Charge voltage 0-±5KV
Decay time range 0-99.99h
Decay time resolution 0.01s
Charge time 0-99.99h
Power supply 220V  50Hz
Dimension 780mm×590mm×450mm
Net weight 40kg



No. Product
2040201 Static decay analyzer
2040202 Environmental chamber
2040203 Test fixture
2040204 Testing and analyzing software

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