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Triboelectric Charging Tester

Triboelectric Charging Tester

Model :T405
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Triboelectric Charging Tester
  • Triboelectric Charging Tester


Triboelectric charging tester is professional designed to determine the charging decay by triboelectric charging method according to EN 1149.3. Test materials are charged by rubbing against cylindrical rods mounted on a vertically running slider. The electrical field strength from the charge generated on the test material is observed and recorded using an electrostatic fieldmeter connected to a graphical recording device.

Triboelectric Charging Tester


EN 1149.3


  • Equipped with standard cylindrical rods and slider.
  • Built-in tension meter provide precious loading on testing materials.
  • PC with evaluation software.


Item Detail
Cylindrical rods Aluminum and HDPE
Field meter measuring range Up to 200kV/m
Response time <1ms
Loading pressure 1.3±0.05N
Speed 0.2±0.02m/s
Power supply 220V 50Hz-60 Hz
Dimensions 350mm×350mm×1070mm
Net weight 25 kg


No. Product
2040501 Triboelectric charging tester
2040502 Computer with analysis software
2040503 Static neutraliser


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