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Home Products Diaper Absorption Performance Tester
Diaper Absorption Performance Tester

Diaper Absorption Performance Tester

Model :T541
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Diaper Absorption Performance Tester


Diaper absorption performance tester also called absorbency tester is designed to determine absorption speed, re-wet and leakage performance of diaper products. The machine consists of U-shaped specimen base, a sample holder, a standard test module, a mobile pressure device, a liquid storage device, an automatic liquid filling device, and a automatic timing device. By different standard test module and sample holder, both bady diaper and adult diaper can be tested.


GB/T 28004.1-2021 Disposable diapers-Part 1:  Disposable diapers for baby
GB/T 28004.2-2021 Disposable diapers-Part 2:  Disposable diapers for adult


  • Peristaltic pump provide accurate penetrating volume and automatic liquid injection;
  • ​Customized electrode with sensitive induction.
  • Stepping motor and ball screw provides accurate position control
  • ​Built-in data calculation, provide average value, SD value and CV value.
  • Can work with balance to calculate leakage and rewet by weighing.


Item Detail
Mobile pressure device 2.0±0.2kpa, 4.0±0.2kpa
Temperature of test solution RT+5℃~50℃
Timer 00-9999.99s, resolution 0.01s
Peristaltic pump Accuracy:±2mL; Flowrate:200~800mL/min
Standard Test Module Baby Adult
W (80±1)mm(M1) (85±1)mm(M2) (95±1)mm(M3) W (70±1)mm(M1) (95±1)mm(M2) /
L (100±1)mm(M1) (108±1)mm(M2) (125±1)mm(M3) L (170±1)mm(M1) (170±1)mm(M2) /
Sample holder Baby Adult
U type sample holder Arc type sample holder
W (80±1)mm(M1) (85±1)mm(M2) (95±1)mm(M3) 319mm×200mm
L (100±1)mm(M1) (108±1)mm(M2) (125±1)mm(M3)  /
Dimension(W*L*H) 430×410×540mm
Weight 51KG
Power AC 220V 50/60 HZ


No. Product
2054101 Diaper absorption performance tester
2054102 Water bath
2054103 Balance
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