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Bundesmann Rain Tester

Bundesmann Rain Tester

Model :T374
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Bundesmann Rain Tester
  • Bundesmann Rain Tester


Bundesmann rain tester which is also called as Bundesmann  water repellency tester can provide artificial rainfall to simulate the process of rain under natural environment. The tester is designed to determine the water repellency of fabrics by the bundesmann rain shower method. It can provide water repellency performance of tested materials under a certain rainfall in a certain time.

Bundesmann Rain Tester


ISO 9865  GB/T 14577  BS EN 29865  DIN 53888  JIS L1092


  • Side placed touch control screen panel is convenient to set and check the display data.
  • Precise water flow meter to check the rainfall capacity.
  • Aluminum structure provides more better corrosion resistant performance and it is lighter than normal structure.


Item Detail
Falling height 1500mm
Sample cup 4 cups
Rain drop former 300
Rotary speed Adjustable
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 850mm×750mm×2100 33.
Net weight 125kg


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2073401 Bundesmann rain tester
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