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Wet Back Tester

Wet Back Tester

Model :T533
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Wet Back Tester


Wet back tester also called rewet tester is designed to determine the rewet properties of nonwoven topsheets or coverstocks of hygienic and sanitary materials. A piece of coverstock is placed over a standard absorbent medium(10 piles of filter paper) which is then loaded three times according to the repeated STT method proposed in ISO 9073-13 with a specific quantity of simulated urine. After the third dose, a simulated baby weight(SBW) is placed onto the coverstock and absorbent medium to ensure even spreading of the liquid.

A pre-weighted pick up paper is then placed on the coverstock and the simulated baby weight(SBW) is again put on top. The mass of liquid absorbed by the pick up paper is called as wetback.


ISO 9073-14 Textiles-Test methods-for nonwovens-Part 14: Coverstock wetback

GB/T 24218-14 Textiles-Test methods-for nonwovens-Part 14: Coverstock wetback


  • Touchscreen easy to operate.
  • Position adjusted by step motor and ball screw, low noise and accurate position
  • Automatic sample lifting system.
  • Electronic balance communicate with system, weight sample auotomatically


Item Detail
Wet time 3 min±3 sec
 Rewet time  2 min±2 sec
Simulated baby weight 4000 g±20g, 10cm*10cm
 Time to lower weight 5 sec±1 sec for 5cm
Electronic precision balance Max load 60g, accuracy 0.0001g
 Base plate Transparent acrylic sheet, 125mm*125mm*5mm
Movement speed of load 5cm/(5±1)s
 Absorbent pad 100mm*100mm, 10 piles
Pick-up paper 125mm*125mm
Timer accuracy  0.1s
Power supply 220 V 50/60Hz
Dimension 430mm×41mm×540mm
Weight 45kg


No. Product
2053301 wet back tester


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