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Home Products Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP)
Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP)

Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP)

Model :T422
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Shipping Port:Shanghai
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  • Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP)
  • Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP)


Thermal protective performance tester (TPP) is to determine the heat transmission of protective clothing or textiles exposed to flame and radiant heat resources. The tester which can provide thermal protection index (TPI) calculated by software is the recommended tool for evaluation the potential of second degree burn of the materials to block convective and radiant heat penetration. Analysis software can display real-time temperature curve and automatically detect heat time curve to show Stoll curve for rating the thermal protective performance of tested textiles.
Thermal protective performance tester


GB 8965  ISO 17492  NFPA 2112  ASTM F2700  ASTM F2703  CAN/CGSB 155.20


  • Standard calorimeter mounting block.
  • PLC control system provides stable and fast testing performance.
  • Analysis software with user friendly interface is easy to use and installed Stoll curve model internally.
  • Compact structure design reduces the requirements of fume hood.


Item Detail
Convective heat source Meker burner×2 (45°)
Radiant heat source Quartz infrared lamp×9
Heat flux Adjustable up to 100kW/m² for total heat
Calorimeter range 0-100 kW/m²
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 760mm×950mm×760mm
Net weight 55kg


No. Product
2042201 Thermal protective performance tester
2042202 Computer with analysis software
2042203 Fume hood
2042204 Burner kit
2042205 Quartz infrared lamp kit


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