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Heat Transfer Index Tester

Heat Transfer Index Tester

Model :T423
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  • Heat Transfer Index Tester
  • Heat Transfer Index Tester
  • Heat Transfer Index Tester


HTI heat transfer index tester is the device to measure the heat transmission through materials or material assemblies which are subjected to an incident heat flux from flame of a gas burner. Heat transfer index (HTI) will be calculated from the mean time to achieve a temperature rise of 24℃ by a copper disc calorimeter. Heat transfer index is for ranking the ability of clothing assemblies to delay the transfer of heat from a flame. It is widely used for textiles which are for personal protective equipment.
HTI heat transmission tester, EN 367


EN 367, ISO 9151, BS EN 12477, EN 407,  ISO 12127-1, GB 38543, GB/T 38306, AQ 6103


  • Automatically recording times of temperature rise of 24℃ and 12℃.
  • Automatically calculating the heat transfer index (HTI) by analysis software.
  • Built-in air cooling assembly for copper disc calorimeter.
  • Sample holding frame controlled via pneumatic transmission.


Item Detail
Heat flux 80KW/m2
Calorimeter Φ40mm copper disc with copper constantan thermocouple
Specimen holder 150mm×150mm
Expose hole 50mm×50mm
Specimen holder moving control Pneumatic
Gas burner Meker burner
Power supply 220V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 450mm×400mm×450mm
Net weight 25 kg


No. Product
2042301 HTI heat transfer index test machine
2042302 Computer with analysis software
2042303 Meker burner
2032304 Calorimeter


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