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Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester

Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester

Model :T419
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  • Protective Clothing Flame Spread Tester


ISO 15025 Protective clothing flame spread tester is to determine the ease of ignition and flame spread properties of industrial products in the form of single or multi-component fabrics, when subjected to a small, defined flame. The tester is to assess the properties of textile fabrics in response to flame contact under controlled conditions.

The defined flame from specified burner is applied to the surface or bottom edge of specimens on the vertically oriented direction. Ignition time, flame spread time, defined spreading time to marked distance will be recorded to determine the combustibility of tested specimens.


BS EN ISO 15025, AQ 6103, ISO 6940, ISO 6941,GB/T 5456


  • Humboldt burner provide stable test flame.
  • ​Touch screen control panel with English interface.
  • Time records automatically by PLC control system, provides afterflame time and afterglow time.


Item Detail
Horizontal flame height 25±2 mm
Vertical flame height 40±2 mm
Diameter of burner nozzle 0.19mm
Burner Humboldt burner
Ignition position Surface or bottom edge
Timer resolution 0.1s
Control panel Plc with touch screen
Power supply 220 AC  50Hz
Dimension 1200mm×600mm×1200mm
Net weight 90kg


No. Product
2041901 ISO 15025 Protective clothing flame spread tester
2041902 Specimen holder and burner kit
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