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Contact Heat Transmission Tester

Contact Heat Transmission Tester

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Contact heat transmission tester is professional designed to determine the contact heat transmission of protective clothing, hand protectors and the constituent materials intended to protect against high contact temperatures. The tester is made up of heating cylinder, specimen holding frame and calorimeter. By providing certain contact force when specimen and calorimeter have been brought into contact with heating cylinder, the contact temperature and threshold time (when the temperature of the calorimeter is 10℃ above its starting value) will be recording by calorimeter and software.
Contact Heat Transmission Tester1


EN 702  AQ 6103


  • Simple control interface with touch-screen is easy to operate.
  • Automatically controlled testing procedure by testing software.
  • Movable heating cylinder is convenient for sample installing and ensures the safe testing conditions.
  • Automatically recording contact temperature, start time, threshold time and relative data.


Item Detail
Contact surface Φ25.2±0.05mm
Cylinder heating range Up to 500℃
Contact force 49N
Contact rate 5mm/s
Calorimeter Φ25mm, 5.0mm
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Power supply  220V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 450mm×800mm×1100mm  
Net weight 80 kg  


No. Product
2042401  Contact heat transmission tester with controller
2042402 Calorimeter

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