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Mask & Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester

Mask & Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester

Model :T431
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Mask & Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester


Mask & Respirator breathing resistance tester is professional designed for determining the protective mask respiratory breathability resistance performance. By providing certain air flow according to the standard, the measured pressures for inhalation and exhalation can be used to determine the breathe resistance of tested protective mask weared on a sheffield head. The respirator breathe resistance test apparatus can also be used to test leakage and air tightness property with accessories.
Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester


Mask Breathing Resistance Tester: EN 149, NIOSH, EN 405, GB 2626, GB/T 32610
Respirator Breathing Resistance Tester: EN 12941, EN 14594, NFPA 1972


  • Standard testing headform with pressure probe at high location.
  • Built-in pressure reducer and safety valve provide more precise testing data.
  • Automatic testing software is easy to operate.
  • Real time pressure digital display function.


Item Detail
Air flow range of inhalation 30L/min, 95L/min, 0-95L/min(Adjustable)
Air flow range of exhalation 0-180L/min
Flow meter accuracy ±2%
Pressure 0-1000Pa
Pressure accuracy ±1%
Dummy head Sheffield dummy head(direction adjustable), other size dummy head replaceable
Control PLC and touch screen
Power supply 220V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 620mm×680mm×1450mm
Net weight 85kg


No. Product
2043101 Respirator breathing resistance tester
2043102 Sheffield Dummy Head


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