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Mask Leaktightness Tester

Mask Leaktightness Tester

Model :T444
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Mask Leaktightness Tester


Mask leak tightness tester is professional degined for determining the air tightness of full mask and half mask. It is to check the pressure change inside the masks at certain time under certain pressure. As a usage performance and protective performance meausing machine, it provide solid results to evaluate the protection during the real usage.


EN 136 Section 8.13 Leaktightness

GB 2626 Section 6.14 Leaktightness


 Item Detail
 Pressure range  -12.5mbar-0mbar
 Resolution  0.1mbar
 Rate  2L/min
 Testing time  Preset 0-999s
 Vent valve Auto open after test
 Control mode  PLC+Touch screen
 Built-printer Yes
 Power supply  220V, 50/60 HZ
 Dimension  500 mm×400 mm×700 mm
 Net weight  25kg


No. Product
2044401 Full face mask leak tightness tester
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