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Mask Differential Pressure Tester

Mask Differential Pressure Tester

Model :T438
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  • Mask Differential Pressure Tester
  • Mask Differential Pressure Tester


Medical face mask differential pressure tester also called mask breathility tester is to determine the breathability of medical face mask materials. The tester can measure the differential pressure (Delta P) required to draw air through a measured surface area at a constant air flow rate is used to measure the air exchange pressure of the medical face mask materials. By providing the suction air through the holding sample, the tester can measure the Delta P by differential pressure transducer. It is to determine the air permeability and using comfort of the materials for medical mask.

EN 14683 medical full face masks


EN 14683, ASTM F2100, MIL-M-36954C, NIOSH 42 CFR 84.180, YY 0469, YY/T 0969


  • Suction chamber air source to provide the pump.
  • High resolution differential pressure transducer with digital display for results.
  • Special sample holder to ensure holding sample


Item Detail
Air source Suction pump
Air flow 8L/min
Sealing method Mechanical face seal
Diameter for circular sample holder Ф25mm
Differential pressure transducer 0-500Pa
Display Digital display
Power supply 220 AC  50Hz
Dimension 550mm×400mm×700mm
 Net weight  40 kg


No. Product
2043601 Medical mask differential pressure tester
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