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Dolomite Dust Clogging Test Equipment

Dolomite Dust Clogging Test Equipment

Model :T447
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  • Dolomite Dust Clogging Test Equipment


Dolomite dust clogging test equipment is the machine to determine usage life of particle filtering respiratory mask. By simulating the sinusoidal breathing of the usage, the test machine can measure the breathing resistance and filter penetration of the tested sample. It is useful test machine to evaluate the usage life of respiratory mask and real performance of the mask in working situation.


EN 149, EN 143, EN 13274-8, EN 405, EN 1827, EN 12941, EN 12942, EN 14387


  • Analysis software with English interface.
  • User friendly panel is easy to operate.
  • Equipped humidity and temperature parts for specimen.
  • Equipped electronic dust deposition indicator.
  • Support filter test and dummy head test.
  • Support continuous flow, sinusoidal flow and conditioned exhaled air test.
  • Support breathing machine.


Item Detail
Aerosol DRB 4/15 Dolomite
Aerosol Concentration 400±100 mg/m3
Flow Adjustable
Breathing machine 2.0L/stroke
Test sample Sample or sample on dummy head
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 5500mm×900mm×1400mm
Net weight 450kg


No. Product
2044701 Dolomite dust clogging test machine
2044702 Breathing machine
2044703 Humidity conditioner
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