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Perspiration Tester

Perspiration Tester

Model :T301
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Perspiration Tester
  • Perspiration Tester
  • Perspiration Tester
  • Perspiration Tester
  • Perspiration Tester


Perspiration tester is to determine the resistance of the color of textiles of all kinds and in all forms to immersion in water, perspiration, sea water, saliva and other solutions. A specimen of the textile in contact with either two single-fiber adjacent fabrics or a multifiber adjacent fabric is immersed in solutions, drained and placed between two acrylic resin plates under a specified pressure (Loading weights: 8lb for AATCC and 9lb for ISO) in a test device and then place the device containing specimen in preheated oven for specific temperature and time.
Perspiration Tester


ISO 105 E01   ISO 105 E02   ISO 105 E04   BS 1006   AATCC 15   AATCC 106   AATCC 107 DIN 54005  M&S C6   M&S C7   NEXT TM4   ISO 105 E01   ISO 105 E02   ISO 105 E04   GB/T 3992   GB/T 5713   GB/T 5714


  • Modular loading weights occupy little space and meet different testing standards.
  • Portable box makes storage and carry more convenient.
  • Corresponding testing kits and chemicals can be chosen as actual demand.


Item Detail
AATCC weight 8lb (3.63kg)
ISO/GB weight 9lb(4.08kg)
Testing frame Capacity of 20 samples
Acrylic resin plate Pack of 42


No. Product
2030101 Perspiration Tester
2030102 Stainless steel frame
2030103 Acrylic resin plates
2030104 Inert flat-bottomed dishes
2030105 Electric oven
2020106 Testing chemicals set


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