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Liquid Chemical Repellency Tester

Liquid Chemical Repellency Tester

Model :T453
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
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  • Liquid Chemical Repellency Tester


Liquid chemical repellency tester is to measure the indices of penetration, absorption and repellency for protective clothing materials against liquid chemicals, mainly chemicals of low volatility. By checking the quality change of chemicals which move through the tested protective clothing material at certain outflow rate, the repellency index can be calculated.
Liquid chemical repellency tester


GB 24540  ISO 6530


  • Individual structure of liquid controller and specimen cell is more convenient for operation and maintenance.
  • Automatic absorption and release system is more precise to control the liquid outflow rate.
  • Alarm function for testing end.


Item Detail
Specimen cell Φ125mm×300mm
Syringe 10ml Φ0.8mm
Timer 0.01s
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 330mm×300mm×600mm
Net weight 25kg


No. Product
2045301 Liquid chemical repellency tester
2045302 Liquid chemical repellency tester (One-piece)
2045303 Beaker (50ml)


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