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Chemical Protective Clothing Jet Tester

Chemical Protective Clothing Jet Tester

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Chemical protective clothing jet tester is designed to measure liquid-tight performance of protective clothing against liquid chemicals. The tester is composed of three parts: control system, jet system and rotary manikin system. Jet system providing water with fluorescent or visible dye tracer at certain pressure is to simulate the real conditions when liquid chemicals splash on the clothes. Rotary mannequin is more effective and will avoid any potential hazard by testing on human test subject.
Chemical protective clothing jet tester EN 463


GB 24540  BS EN 14605  EN 463


  • Touch screen control interface is placed outside of the testing chamber.
  • Presetting parameters of jet system will satisfy different testing requirements.
  • Integrated display of pressure, time, flow rate is easy for data checking and test monitoring.
  • There are water indicating material for testing mannequin and it is convenient for checking the penetration performance.


Item Detail
Rotary speed  1rad/min
Interval of jet nozzle Adjustable
Jetting pressure  150kPa or 300kPa
Flow rate 1.14L/min
Timer 0-99.99s


No. Product
2045101 Chemical protective clothing jet tester
2045102 Testing mannequin with water indicating material


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