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Fogging Tester

Fogging Tester

Model :L301
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
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  • Fogging Tester
  • Fogging Tester
  • Fogging Tester


Fogging tester is the professional equipment designed to measure the tendency for plastic or elastomeric materials to volatize substances which can condense and collect on other surfaces when in use. It is the best tool to determine the fogging characteristics of automotive or other vehicle interior materials. The fogging tester is applicable for gravimetric method, photometric method and haze measurement method.
Fogging tester, conforming to PV 3920 , ISO 6452, DIN 75201, SAE J1756


ISO 6452  DIN 75201  SAE J1756  QB/T 2728  BS EN 14288  PV 3920  PV 3015  ES-X83231 NES M0161  D45 1727  GM 9305P  TSM 0503G  ISO 17071  GME 60326  GMW 3235  HES D6508  MS 300-54


  • Large volume chamber with 6 beaker positions.
  • Stable heater provides rapid heating rate and high sensor provides accurate temperature control.
  • Adjustable feet and built-in level bubble is easy to operate for having a stable level process.
  • Automatic regulation about the liquid will bring temperatures more uniform.
  • LCD display provides real-time data.


Item Detail
Heating temperature Up to 150℃
Resolution ±0.1℃
Cooling temperature 0-100℃
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension of heating chamber 630mm×430mm×550mm
Net weight of heating chamber 35kg
Dimension of cooling chamber 430mm×230mm×620mm
Net weight of cooling chamber 18kg


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