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Carpet Flammability Tester

Carpet Flammability Tester

Model :F706
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
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  • Carpet Flammability Tester
  • Carpet Flammability Tester

Carpet flammability tester is designed for assessing the effects of a small source of ignition on floor coverings. The test chamber is manufactured from non-combustible heat resistant board with a counter weighted sliding panel for easy access. The transparency window on top of the chamber allows the users to view the specimen during the test.

Carpet Flammability Tester can be used for either the hot metal nut test (BS 4790) or the methenamine tablet test (ISO 6925 and BS 6307).

flammability of carpet

Hot Metal Nut Test: The stainless steel nut is heated to a temperature of 900°C in a muffle furnace. Place the specimen in the bottom of the test chamber and the clamping rig is placed onto the sample using crucible tongs supplied. The heated nut is put in the centre of the clamping rig. Remove the nut after 30 seconds. A measurement of spreading of the ignition on the sample is made to evaluate the flammability of the carpet.

Methenamine Tablet Test: It is recommended that the test chamber is placed in a laboratory fume hood. Place the conditioned specimen on the removable base inside the test chamber and the metal plate with a circular cut-out is placed on the specimen. The tablet is placed at the center of the specimen and ignited. After the flame has extinguished, measurements are taken to assess the effect on the carpet.


BS 4790, ISO 6925, BS 6307, 16 CFR 1630 & 1631


  • Complete with measuring grid and clamping ring
  • Sliding panel for ease access
  • Angled mirror for convenient viewing
  • Applicable to 2 different tests
  • Enclosed unit for optimum safety


Item Detail
Inside dimension of test box 380mm×380mm×380mm
Square metal plate 230mm×230mm, 6.5±0.5mm thickness, with a 205mm diameter hole cut in the centre of the plate
Fire-resistance insulation board Thickness≥6mm
Dimension 450mm×450mm×780mm
Net weight 30 kg


No. Product
0670601 Carpet Flammability tester


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