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Flame Spread Test Machine

Flame Spread Test Machine

Model :F504
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  • Flame Spread Test Machine
  • Flame Spread Test Machine


Flame spread test machine which is also called as flame propagation test apparatus is designed to determine the reaction to fire of flexible or rigid building materials. The tester is based on the flame persistency test and flame propagation test according to NF P 92-504. As one of the M classification test, flame spread test is suitable for the flexible and rigid materials of any thickness which do not enter in any of the M1, M2 or M3 main test.

Flame Spread Test Machine


NF P 92-504


  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Specific burner for NF P 92-504.
  • Automatic control for testing time and flame contact times.
  • Sample holder for flexible materials and rigid materials.


Item Detail
Burner 45°
Flame contact time Pre-set
Burner gas Propane
Flame height Adjustable by needle valve
Power supply 220V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 650mm×400mm×450mm
Net weight 20 kg


No. Product
1250401 Flame spread test machine


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