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How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?


Children are precious to every family and every parent. Parents always want to bring the best things for their babies. No matter food, toy or clothing, parents will pay more attention to choose the best and right ones for their babies.

How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?

The infants and children have more sensitive skin and poorer immunity. Their thermoregulation function is not perfect but they have fast metabolism and easy to sweat. The proper and safe wear for infants and children are very important.

There are so many standards for increasing the safety of textile products for infants and children. But these regulations are very far from normal customers and not easy to understand. So, how to choose the textile products for babies by integrating with the standard requirements?

No matter what kind of textile standards, they are always based on the normal usage for the textiles. Every ordinance is relative to the performance of daily use or the safety for health.

Appearance is the most common and easy to understand rule for every parent. Moms will choose the beautiful or cool clothing for their babies. All these depend on their aesthetic decision. But there are so many potential dangers on the appearance.

Many moms prefer the colorful garments than the plain ones. But when you choose the colorful clothing, you have to pay more attention on the dyeing quality and colorfastness performance, such as colorfastness to water, colorfastness to perspiration or the colorfastness to saliva, especially for the infants. The dye molecule may be absorbed by skin if they have poor colorfastness performance and easy to decolorize.

How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?

The textile with coating or paint dyeing is easy to find in the market. These products have more security risks. Children usually would love to put items in their mouths. For the new Chinese standard for infants and children textile products, there are new requirements for six plasticizers and heavy metal to reduce the risks from these coating materials. (Wanna know the specific requirements, checking The Focused Emphasis of GB 31701 for Infants and Children Textile Products)

In order to reducing the risk of asphyxia and potential damage to infants and children, every mummy has to take more care about the details for the children garments. For the children under 7 years old, all the textile products should not have any cords or drawstrings on the head and neck parts. The length of cords or drawstrings should be short on the other parts of the clothing.

How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?
How to Choose Textile Products for Infants and Children?

Checking more carefully on the smell of the textile products for your babies. If there is peculiar smell, it may be the results of exceeding PH levels, or dye remained in garments in the process of finishing or other internal quality problems. When you buy these products online, you have check the products have musty smell or not. Because you are not sure about the warehouse conditions of the e-commerce’s when you choose a new supplier.

It is worthy to pay so much attention on the products for your babies.

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