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Random Tumble Pilling Tester

Random Tumble Pilling Tester

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Random tumble pilling tester is to determine the resistance to pilling, fuzzing, and matting of textile fabrics using the random tumble pilling method. The tester is applicable to most of woven and knitted fabrics, including napped fabrics. By simulating the application process, random tumble pilling tester provides accurate evidence for products’ development, improvement and evaluation.
Random tumble pilling tester, random pilling and fuzzing resistance tester, ASTM D3512 test apparatus


GB/T 4802.4  ISO 12945.3  ASTM D3512  DIN 53867  JIS L1076


  • High transparency viewing window with inner illuminating system improves observation condition.
  • Better concentric impellers and better sealing can low the air leak out during the testing.
  • High quality motor provides lower running sound and longer service life.


Item Detail
Testing position 4 or 2
Rotational speed 1200 rpm
Impeller 121mm Stainless steel
Testing chamber  φ146mm×152mm
Terminal point Buzzer alarm
Compressed air Adjustable 0.014-0.021Mpa
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 480mm×400mm×680mm
Net weight 40kg


No. Product
2032201 Random Tumble pilling tester (4 chamber)
2032202 Random Tumble pilling tester (2 chamber)
2032203 Cork liner
2032204 Cotton linter
2032205 Photographic standards
2032206 Air compressor

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