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ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester

ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester

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ICI pilling and snagging tester is to determine the resistance to pilling and surface change of textile fabrics. Specimens are mounted on polyurethane tubes and tumbled randomly in a cork-lined box at a constant rotational speed. The tester can use to determine the propensity of fabrics to snagging and relative surface defects with exchangeable octagonal snagging drum. Pilling and snagging is assessed visually after a defined period of tumbling.
ICI pilling and snagging tester


GB/T 4802.3  BS EN ISO 12945.1  BS 8479  BS 5811  IWS TM152  NEXT TM19  M&S P18 M&S P18A  M&S P18B  M&S P21A


  • Preset testing cycles with automatic stop make tests easier.
  • High quality motor provides lower running sound and longer service life.
  • User friendly loading and unloading structures design for testing drums makes changing drums for different tests more convenient.


Item Detail
Testing position 2 or 4
Rotational speed (60±2)rpm
Terminal point  Automatic stop with buzzer alarm
Pilling box 235mm for internal dimensions before lining
Power supply 220V  50Hz
Dimension 840mm×580mm×560mm
Net weight 55kg


No. Product
2032101 ICI pilling and snagging tester (4 Drum)
2032102 ICI pilling and snagging tester (2 Drum)
2032103 Octagonal snagging drum
2032104 Mounting jig
2032105 Viewing cabinet/Assessment Viewer
2032106 PVC tape
2032107 PU specimen tube
2032108 Cork lining
2032109 Snagging points
2032110 Pilling photographs

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