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Bean Bag Snag Tester

Bean Bag Snag Tester

Model :T325
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Bean Bag Snag Tester
  • Bean Bag Snag Tester


Bean bag snag tester is to determine the snagging resistance of a fabric. It is suitable for a range of woven and knitted fabrics made from textured or untextured filament yarns or spun yarns or combinations of these yarns. After test in a cylindrical test chamber with rows of pins, the degree of fabric snagging is evaluated by comparison of the tested specimens with visual rating standards that may be either snagged fabrics or photographs of snagged fabrics.

bean bag snag tester


ASTM D5362


  • Compact structure to use smaller space.
  • Double test head for high efficiency test.
  • Simple button indicator is easy to operate.


Item Detail
Test head Two
Rotation rate 20±3r/min
Environment (21±5)℃, (85±10)%
Power supply 220 AC  50Hz
Dimension 550mm×400mm×450
Net weight 35kg


No. Product
0232501  Bean bag snag tester
0232502  Bean bag
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