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Moisture Regain Tester

Moisture Regain Tester

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Moisture Regain Tester is the quick moisture drying chamber to measure moisture regain performance of fibers, yarn and fabrics. By providing hot air flow by air suction, the tester can dry the specimen in a short time without other pre-heating procedure.
Moisture Regain Tester


ISO 6741  ISO 2060  GB/T 4743  GB/T 5883  GB/T 9995  IWO 33-34  UNI 5089  UNI 1323-1326  ASTM D1576


  • PID control system provides solid and stable temperature state.
  • Push-option switch or LCD display can be chosen as required.
  • Three kinds of cans with different height accord to different materials of standards.
  • Support connecting with printers.


Item Detail
Temperature range  Up to 150℃
Accuracy  ±1℃
Balance range Up to 300g
Accuracy of balance 10mg
Rotary speed 2.4rpm
Can number  8
Can diameter  245mm
Can height  190mm, 220mm, 310mm
Air flow 0.2m/s-1m/s
Power supply  220V 50Hz
Dimension 960mm×780mm×1150mm  
Net weight  125kg  


No. Product
2020301  Moisture Regain Tester
2020302 Moisture Regain Tester (LCD display)
2020303 Printer

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