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Fiber Tensile Tester

Fiber Tensile Tester

Model :T244
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  • Fiber Tensile Tester
  • Fiber Tensile Tester


Fiber tensile tester is to determine the breaking force and elongation at break of individual fibers such as natural fiber and man-made fiber in the conditioned or wet state. The tester can apply to the use of constant-rate-of-extension test. With pneumatic clamp and automatic testing mode, fiber tensile tester makes the testing process easier and more precise.
The fiber tensile tester can work with vibrating fiber fineness meter to provide fiber strength, fiber linear density, strength ratio, initial modulus, specific work to rapture and other performance parameters of fiber. Tensile tester-vibrating fineness meter accords with the recommended method of BISFA (Bureau International pour la Standardisation des Fibres Artificielles).
Fiber tensile tester


GB/T 14337   ISO 5079   BISFA


  • Professional structure design makes stable using performance.
  • Easy-to-use pneumatic clamps provide uniform clamping force.
  • Accordance with conditioned or wet state.
  • Automatic testing mode and real-time display of load-elongation curve.
  • User-friendly interface supports data analysis, data storage, report output and others.
  • Integrated software is compatible with different testing units.



Item Detail
Loading range 0~100 cN
Load measuring error ≤±1%
Load measuring resolution 0.1 cN
Elongation range 100mm
Elongation measuring error ≤0.05mm
Elongation measuring resolution 0.1%
Clamp lowering speed 1~100 mm/min
Clamp lowering stroke 100mm
Port RS232
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 540mm×434mm×560mm
Net weight 45kg


No. Product
2024401 Fiber tensile tester
2024402 Analyzing software
2024403 Computer
2024401 Vibrating fiber fineness meter


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