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Full Face Masks Flammability Tester

Full Face Masks Flammability Tester

Model :T429
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
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  • Full Face Masks Flammability Tester
  • Full Face Masks Flammability Tester


Full face mask flammability tester is to determine the fire resistance performance of full face masks and self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus. The tester can measure the flammability for a short period of 5s with a test rig by calculating the after flame and destroy conditions of tested mask. The tester is suitable for respiratory protective equipment and full face masks.

flammability of full face masks


EN 136 section 8.5.2,
EN 137 section
EN 13274-4 section 6(method 1),
GB/T 16556 section


  • High precision flow control valve can provide specific and precise flame height.
  • Standard propane burners with adjustable height.
  • Automatic shutting system can stop gas supply after 5s flame.
  • Automatic high pressure ignition system.
  • PLC touch screen control panel with English interface.
  • Automatic timing and recording test data.
  • Motor driving dummy head can move to the test position automatically.


Item Detail
Flame height 40±2mm
Burner Six TEKLU propane burner
Burner height Adjustable
Gas flow rate Adjustable 21±0.5L/min
Gas pressure 0-10kPa
Flame temperature K type thermocouple 950℃±50℃
Timer Automatic
Data recording Automatic
Power supply  220 AC  50Hz
Dimension 1000mm×700mm×1350mm
Net weight 125 kg


No. Product
2042901 Full face masks flame resistance tester



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