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Eyewear High Speed Particle Impact Test Machine

Eyewear High Speed Particle Impact Test Machine

Model :P620
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  • Eyewear High Speed Particle Impact Test Machine


This instrument is used to test the anti-high-speed particle impact performance of goggles. It is a new generation of eye protector testing instrument developed according to the relevant national standards for eye protectors and relevant foreign standards. It can be widely used in the anti-impact testing and inspection of glasses, goggles, masks, helmets, mobile phone shells, lenses, mobile phone screens and other products.


EN 166, EN 168, MIL-PRF-31013, MIL-PRF-32432A, MIL-DTL-43511D


  • Automatic stop as preset.
  • High stable testing performance from precise structure design.
  • Adjustable loading pressure.


Item Detail
Steel ball mass   0.86 g, Diameter 6.0mm
Low speed impact (L) 45 + 1.50 m/s
Medium speed impact (M)  120 + 30 m/s
High-speed impact (H) 190 + 50 m/s
Test station Single station
Test distance 200mm from the launch port to the test sample
Ambient temperature 5 ~ 28 ℃; (up to 35 ℃, but some performance will be affected)
Ambient humidity < 85% R. H (25 ℃)
Power supply 220V   50/60Hz


No. Product
1662001 Eyewear high speed particle impact test machine


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