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Impact Abrasion Test Machine

Impact Abrasion Test Machine

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Impact abrasion test machine is to determine the resistance to abrasion (against fast running surface) of protective garments for hand palms, knees, wrists of motorbikers under a continus impact loading force according to EN 13595-2, EN 13594 and EN 14120. It is to evaluate the protect performance of jackets, trousers, motorbiker suits, gloves, ect, when motorcycle riders who wear them have impact against a road surface at a high running speed.
Impact abrasion test machine, EN 13594, en 13595


EN 13595-2, EN 13594, EN 14120


  • Touch screen control panel with PLC control system.
  • Pneumatic control mode for test sample dropping onto running tape and lifting.
  • Standard loading weight for test force on sample.
  • Brush and vacuum cleaner can clean the abrasive surface and the friction chips.


Item Detail
Test speed 1m/s-2m/s
Loading weight 49N
Sample drop height  50mm
Sample drop and lift control Pneumatic
Abrasive surface clean Rotate brush
Friction chip clean Vacuum cleaner
Pneumatic supply 5bar
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimensions  1300mm×550mm×600mm 
Net weight 80kg  


No. Product
2046101 Impact abrasion test machine
2046102 Vacuum cleaner
2046103 Consumables (abrasive paper, cotton fabric, copper wire and adhesive tape)
2046104 Impact abrasion test machine with high speed mode for EN 13595

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