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Filter Media Tester

Filter Media Tester

Model :C901
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  • Filter Media Tester
  • Filter Media Tester


ISO 11057/VDI 3926 filter media tester is design for the determination of particle concentration, dust penetration, cycle time, pressure drop, residual pressure drop, fractional efficiency, gravimetric separation efficiency of filter media. The test rig allows testing of specific filter media for cleanable filter for dust removal from industrial flue gases and the recovery of valuable materials in accordance with international standards.

It is professional designed for filter media to be used in cleanable filters, e.g. baghouse filters, pocket filters, cartridge filters. By simulating local filtration and cleaning conditions of a filter element, filter media testing system provides constant and reproducible manner loading of the filter sample with test dust.

.Research and development of filter media

.Optimization of filter media

.Quality control in production


ISO 11057 Air quality – Test method for filtration characterization of cleanable filter media

ASTM D6830 Standard Test Method for Characterizing the Pressure Drop and Filtration Performance of Cleanable Filter Media

VDI/DIN 3926 Testing of cleanable filter media Standard test for the evaluation of cleanable filter media

GB/T 6719 Specifications for bag house

JIS Z8909-1 Test method of filter media for dust collection Part 1:Filter efficiency


Aerosol Generator
Forming rate 42mg-420 g/h(SAE,Fine A2 Dust)
Air speed 5-10 m³/h±1%
Dust container 3.2 L
Dust concentration 0.8-100 g/m3,<±7%
Generator weighing 30kg,±1g
Continuous feeding device Automatic
Generator lifting system Lifting adjustable
Raw/dirty gas duct
Temperature sensor 0-100℃, ±0.3℃
Pressure sensor 0-1100mbar±0.5%
Air flow 0-12 m3/h±1%
Concentration range (0~10)g/m3
Comments Concentration and dispersion
Photometer <10s,1mW,650nm±10nm
Filter Holder
Diameter 140mm/150mm
Face velocity 0.5-5 m/min<±2%
Clamping method Pneumatic clamping device
Clean gas duct
Distance between nozzle and filter 840mm±70mm
Dimension of duct 210mm, min 28mm, with out diameter 33.7mm

Nozzle  diameter of 3mm

Flow rate  0-6 m3/h
Pressure sensor 0-2500Pa±0.5%
Repeatability 0.1%
Response time 2.5s
Stability 0.5%FSD/year
Temperature range 1% of FS, 0 ℃-50℃
Pulse device
Compressed air 3.2 L
Pressure 0-0.7 MPa±3%;
Valve opening time 50ms-250 ms(Adjustable)


No. Product
0390101 ISO 11057/VDI 3926 Filter Testing Rig
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