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Do you choose the right daily protective mask for haze protection?


For the brand new GB/T 32610-2016 which begins to implement in November 1st 2016 requires the technical specifications of oil and salt filtering efficiency, the particle protective performance for daily protective masks. It will standard the market and the product quality, but it will also bring a lot of changes for the overseas mask and respirator manufacturers.

Before GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specification of daily protective mask, there are GB 2626 General technical requirements for self-inhalation filter type dust respirator, GB 19038 Technical requirements for protective face mask for medical use and YY 0469 Technical requirements for surgical mask. But these standards are all for job safety or medical use. None of them is for ordinary people of daily life.

GB/T 32610 and GB 2626 require same particle filtration efficiency test as GB 19083. As the standard for medical use masks, GB 19083 standard requires splash resistance test to determine the blood penetration resistance performance (Measured by mask synthetic blood penetration tester) and bacterial filtration test to determine bacterial filtration performance(Measured by mask bacterial filtration efficiency tester). Because the splash resistance can evaluate the mask protective quality in the high risk environment when the user will face the potential risk from fluid and blood of patients, and the bacterial filtration efficiency can evaluate the bacterial protective performance.
Do you choose the right daily protective mask for haze protection?

There is serious fog and haze problem in China. For ordinary people, the useful protective mask will prevent the danger from haze and save their lives. Everybody in China cares so much about the physical health and the danger of haze, that’s why clean canned air sales so well in Chinese market. The new standard standardizes the scope, definition, grading, test methods, package and storage requirements for the daily protective masks. It will improve the market of daily respirator which don’t have standard before and provide ordinary people a reliable and useful specifications to choose and buy.
cover of gb/t 32610-2016 standard
GB/T 32610 has four different levels: D, C, B and A. These levels are for different AQI(air quality index). Level A mask is for the condition that PM2.5 is below 500μg/m3, Level B mask is for the condition that PM2.5 is below 350μg/m3, Level C mask is for PM2.5 below 250μg/m3 and Level D mask is for PM2.5 below 150μg/m3 condition.
Do you choose the right daily protective mask for haze protection?

The standard also requires about filter efficiency and particle protective performance, respiratory resistance, formaldehyde, PH value, colorfastness, breaking strength and other properties. The standard gives full consideration to the protective performance and safety, even the use of comfort.

Personal daily protective mask is a big market in China, and it grows very fast along with the increasing of haze problems. Many mask manufacturers have already busy working for developing and testing the new masks which will accord with the requirements of standard. And many brands whose products are accorded with the requirements begin to cooperate with shopping website to prompt the products and are ready for the sales high tide annually in winter.
Do you choose the right daily protective mask for haze protection?

This year, everyone who cares about the haze and has doubts about choosing masks will be happy. Choosing a right and useful mask becomes easier than before. We just need to check it is according with the standard and passing the tests or not, and then we can buy dozens of four levels masks in order to wear in different day of different AQI(air quality index).


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  1. is the GB / T32610-2016 standard mask helpful for protection aganist Corona virus prevention

    • GB/T 32610 is the daily protective mask standard, not medical mask standard. It lists three protective class: A, B, C. CLass A type mask provide 95% particle filtration, it can provide almost enough protection in general conditions.

      • To prevent ourselves getting any contacts from daily routine against this covid19 possibility around people, is it viable to be use? This Gb/t32610 2016? Like at least a barrier?

      • GB/T 32610 masks Class A have same particle filtering efficiency as KN95. It means the Class A GB/T 32610 mask can provide similar protection as KN95 mask. If you don’t have GB/T 32610 Class A masks, GB/T 32610 Class B masks are also useful to protect you at daily life. After all it is better than scarf.


    • Normally, it should be changed every four hours. But it can use longer when we don’t have so many masks. In daily environment or ordinary work place, you can change the masks every 2 or 3 days. When you take the mask off, it would be better to hang it in a clean and ventilated place and use ultraviolet ray to help with disinfection. Don’t wash the masks.

      There are some situation you should change the mask: the mask is broken; long time staying in an anthill; feel the breathing resistance increase; after going back from the high-risk place.

  3. It should be marked on the package. Or you can ask the who sells it you. These products all have certificate and the certificate will show these specific parameters.

  4. GB/T 32610-2016 also have class D, what is the BFE % and can class D filter corona virus ?

    GB/T 32610-2016 = surgical mask or hygine mask ?

    • GB/T 32610 Class D mask is the mask with particle filtration efficiency ≥90% but leakage is ≥65%. It means the class d mask is suitable for low pollution environment of you can say it is suitable for more safe place. So it is not a better choice for protection. But the class d mask is still better than mask made of normal fabric. GB/T 32610 mask is not surgical mask.

  5. So d class is the best, but is à class is enough to protect against covid19 ?

    • Class A is the best for GB/T 32610 mask. Class D is the lowest grade for GB/R 32610 mask. GB/T 32610 class A mask can do protection for daily use. If you go to the hospital or crowded place, you would better use N95/KN95 or above.

      • Oh, my bad 🙂
        Thanks for the advice

  6. For example, BigBuy sells GB/T 36210 masks (JT-24 mask). They do not mention the class. I contacted them to ask, and they answered that it is class D; so we must assume that when class is not mentioned, it might be because it is a low class.

    • Maybe what you said is a important experience.

  7. Hi Angie, GB/T32610-2016 is correct but I don’t have the substandards ABC orD on my product I purchased. All masks similar to surgical mask are designed to be sewed the same folded down when the metal nose strip is upsided. Good question! Good luck making masks!

  8. GB 2626-2016 what king of protection will be

  9. I have KN95 and the executive standard is GB 2626-2016 what kind of protection will be that for because some say its non medical… how will you know if its a medical mask


    • Dear Rosa, I haven’t see the expiration date of GB/T 32610-2016 in this GB/T 32610-2016 standard file.

  11. Hello, I have seen Chinese masks with standard Q / 320412, does this standard serve to protect against viruses like COVID-19?
    Thank you!

    • Dear Juan, the Q/ standard is company standard by their own, so I don’t known about its viruses protective performance.

  12. can anyone answer if the T32610-2016 offers any protection at 0.1 micron >= 30%

  13. Will these masks work in warehouses or food handling places?

  14. can a disposable 3 layer protection mask be FFP2 Certificied?

    is a GB/T 32610-2016 automatic FFP2 certificied

    • Dear Rachid, FFP2 class is from EN 149, you need check your disposable 3 layer protection mask as EN 149; GB/T 32610 have 3 three class, it can’t automatic FFP2 certificated.

  15. I work in care. My employer has given us GB-T-32610-2016 masks as ‘single use surgical masks’ but also says that they are suitable for personal care as ‘single use fluid repellent surgical masks Type IIR”
    Can anyone confirm this is right?
    I think they’re mistaken.

  16. How much protection will a disposable ear loop face mask, GB/T32610-2016 and made in China, give the wearer?

    Thank you

  17. how much protection will a three layer, disposable face mask, GB/T32010-2016 and made in China, give he wearer?
    Thank you

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