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Do you choose the right daily protective mask for haze protection? (2)

Nov 08, 2016 at 16:33
As we mentioned in the last technical articles , there is a brand new Chinese standard GB/T 32610-2016 for standardization of the market and product quality for daily protective masks. It is the market requirements that promote the related organization to create such standards.

Before GB/T 32610-2016 Technical specification of daily protective mask, there are GB 2626 General technical requirements for self-inhalation filter type dust respirator, GB 19038 Technical requirements for protective face mask for medical use and YY 0469 Technical requirements for surgical mask. But these standards are all for job safety or medical use. None of them is for ordinary people of daily life.

There is serious fog and haze problem in China. For ordinary people, the useful protective mask will prevent the danger from haze and save their lives. Everybody in China cares so much about the physical health and the danger of haze, that’s why clean canned air sales so well in Chinese market. (Is it real that the clean air becomes a luxury for Chinese people?) The new standard standardizes the scope, definition, grading, test methods, package and storage requirements for the daily protective masks. It will improve the market of daily respirator which don’t have standard before and provide ordinary people a reliable and useful specifications to choose and buy.

GB/T 32610 has four different levels: D, C, B and A. These levels are for different AQI. Level A mask is for the condition that PM2.5 is below 500μg/m3, Level B mask is for the condition that PM2.5 is below 350μg/m3, Level C mask is for PM2.5 below 250μg/m3 and Level D mask is for PM2.5 below 150μg/m3 condition.

The standard also requires about filter efficiency and particle protective performance, respiratory resistance, formaldehyde, PH value, colorfastness, breaking strength and other properties. The standard gives full consideration to the protective performance and safety, even the use of comfort.

Personal daily protective mask is a big market in China, and it grows very fast along with the increasing of haze problems. Many mask manufacturers have already busy working for developing and testing the new masks which will accord with the requirements of standard. And many brands whose products are accorded with the requirements begin to cooperate with shopping website to prompt the products and are ready for the sales high tide annually in winter.

This year, everyone who cares about the haze and has doubts about choosing masks will be happy. Choosing a right and useful mask becomes easier than before. We just need to check it is according with the standard and passing the tests or not, and then we can buy dozens of four levels masks in order to wear in different day of different AQI.

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