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ISO Washing Machine

ISO Washing Machine

Model :T353
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  • ISO Washing Machine
  • ISO Washing Machine
  • ISO Washing Machine


ISO washing machine-Wascator is the equipment for simulating home laundry test conditions. ISO washing machine-Wascator is to determine dimensional changes of fabrics or garments, colorfastness to detergents or bleach, appearance changes and retention of creases. By simulating usual home laundry, ISO washing machine-Wascator provides standardized testing conditions to reduce mistakes and contrasts.
ISO washing machine, Wascator, ISO dimensional stability tester


ISO 5077  ISO 6330  M&S P1  M&S P1A  M&S P3A  M&S P12  M&S P91  M&S P99  M&S P99A  M&S P134  BS EN 25077  BS EN 26330  IWSTM 31 IEC 456  NEXT TM7  NEXT TM7A  NEXT TM7B  NEXT TM TM12


  • Meets IEC and ISO international standards.
  • Suspended drum construction allows a high extraction force.
  • Small space between outer/inner drum for efficient use of water and detergent.
  • Dual water control of volume and level.
  • Built in scale for precise volume control, accuracy.
  • Equipped with a fully programmable electronic timer.
  • Frequency controlled motor system for flexibility in programming and precise speed.
  • Test tap for water sample.
  • Stainless steel drum assembly, front, side and top panel.


Item Detail
Volume of drum 61L
Diameter of drum Φ520mm
Washing speed (20-59±1)rpm
Extraction Max 1100rpm
G factor Max 350
Heating 5.4kW
Inlet hot water Max (60±2)℃
Inlet cold water (15±2)℃
Capacity at 300kPa 20L/min
Draining capacity 150L/min
Liquid detergent supplies 4
Air borne sound level 71dB(A)
Power supply 230V 50Hz or 400V 50Hz or 415V 50Hz
Dimension 690mm×720mm×1315mm
Net weight 195kg


No. Product
2035301 ISO washing machine-Wascator
2035302 Memory card
2035303 Standard detergent
2035304 Standard bleach


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