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AATCC Washing Machine

AATCC Washing Machine

Model :T351
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  • AATCC Washing Machine
  • AATCC Washing Machine
  • AATCC Washing Machine
  • AATCC Washing Machine


AATCC washing machine is the recommended testing standardized equipment by AATCC for home laundry test conditions. AATCC washing machine is to determine dimensional changes of fabrics or garments, colorfastness to bleach, skewness change, appearance changes, soil release, smooth of seams and retention of creases. By simulating usual home laundry, AATCC washing machine provides standardized testing conditions to reduce mistakes and contrasts.
AATCC washing machine, AATCC heavy duty washer, AATCC dimensional stability test apparatus


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  • 3.5cu.ft Basket.
  • New sensing technology.
  • Electronic control showing cycles status.
  • New lid lock with light control allowing for higher spin speeds.
  • Spray rinse feature fills out tub with water extraction.
  • Xtra roll action plus triple action agitator.
  • Ten washing cycles.
  • Four water temperatures.
  • Four water levels/load sizes.


Item Detail
Capacity 15kg/33lbs for dry linen
Stirring method  Triple action agitator
Washing cycles 10
Temperature 4
Water level 4
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension  711mm×686mm×1092mm
Gross weight 69.5kg  


No. Product
2035101 AATCC washing machine 

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