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Impact Protection Tester

Impact Protection Tester

Model :T561
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Impact Protection Tester


Gloves impact tester is to determine protection against injury by impacts with motorcycle accidents or working accidents. It is suitable for testing motorcycle riders’ impact protectors and personal protetive equippment gloves. It aims to provide information on protection against impacts against edges and reduce the incidence ans severity of injuries during the accidents.
By releaseing certain falling mass drop striker, the test machine will test the record the force change through a high speed force transducer.


BS EN 1621-1, BS EN 1621-2, EN 388, EN 13594,  ISO 20344.5.17


  • Piecoceramics force transducer with high resolution, high response speed.
  • Automatic test mode. Auto force recording and calculating test results.
  • Support print test report. Easy to understand, operate and maintain.


Item  Detail
Control mode  PC Software
Range  60kN
Force sensor Piezoelectric ceramic mechanical sensor
 Sampling Frequency  5-1000Hz
 Anvil  One unit for BS EN 1621-1 or One unit for BS EN 1621-2
 Impact mode  Guide fall
 Lifting apparatus  Motor lifting
 Power supply  220 AC 50Hz
 Dimension  650mm×770mm×2200mm
 Net weight  125kg


No. Product
2056101 Impact Protection Tester
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