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Helmke Drum Tester

Helmke Drum Tester

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Helmke drum tester is to determine a garment cleanliness classification with tumbling or rotating drum method. The tester with Helmke drum test method is used to quantify particles dislodged from garments through the application of mechanical energy under dry conditions as a means of simulating particle shedding from the surface of the garment during use. By providing tumbled movement in a rotating drum to release particles from the fabric in a controlled manner, the tester will determine the particle emission rate to classify the cleanliness of garments, like woven, nonwoven and coated fabrics.
helmke yeick drum test for IEST-RP-CC003.3


IEST-RP-CC003.3   GB/T 24249


  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Adjustable rotating rate of drum.
  • Real-time particle emission rate data acquisition system.
  • High quality motor provides lower running sound and longer service life.


Item Detail
Particle detection ≥0.3μm
Rotating rate 10rpm (Adjustable)
Air tube position 11 o'clock as drum drum cockwise
Flow rate 28.3L/min
Power supply  220V 50Hz
Dimension 650mm×560mm×520mm 
Net weight  35kg 


No. Product
2043601 Helmke drum tester
2043602 Particle counter 

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