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Abrasion Washability Tester

Abrasion Washability Tester

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Abrasion washability tester which is also called abrasion scrub tester or wet abrasion tester is to measure the resistance to abrasion of coatings caused by brush, sponge or other mean methods. The tester can measure the washability and relative properties that affect the stain resistance of coating such as paint, varnish, lacquer, leather, plastic, printed material or fabrics and this is the repeatable, controlled way to simulate the daily use or wear patterns of the coatings.
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ISO 11998  ASTM D2486  ASTM D3450  ASTM D4213  ASTM D4828  DIN 53778  DIN 13300  ANSI 2124.1.2


  • Touch screen with preset and automatic testing system.
  • Abrasives all can be interchangeable as testing requires.
  • Chinese or English testing interface.
  • Peristaltic pump provide more accurate flow of liquid.


Item Detail
Position 2
Reciprocating speed 37±1 cycles/min
Number range 1-9999
Specimen thickness Up to 25mm
Height range 0-25mm
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 500mm×470mm×320mm
Net weight 35kg


No. Product
1232101 Abrasion washability tester
1232102  250g Wild boar brush
1232103 500g Wild boar brush
1232104 450g Wild boar brush
1232105 454g Nylon brush
1232106 750g Sponge
1232107 1500g Linear abrader

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