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Synthetic Spider Fiber will Start the New Era for Textile


It is hoped that scientists will now be able to use the same process to produce other clothing, thus abandoning environmentally friendly synthetic fibers, and ultimately the use of cobweb unusual characteristics to create a variety of fibers.

Synthetic Spider Fiber will Start the New Era for Textile

“It’s a cool tie, a traditional design, made of silk,” says Dan Vidmeier, chief executive officer of Bolt Garment Company, who made the tie with synthetic spider silk. “Our goal is not to be a tie manufacturing company, and our goal is not to prove that it is a field that can use spider silk.”

He said that these ties prove that the development of spider silk is very slow, it is frustrating. He also said that the company will only produce 50 such ties.

“We often say that this material is about to be said to be in sight.” Everyone always says that they do not deal with those monotonous jobs – making enough protein to keep the protein alive, says Dr. Vidmeyer. Stable, and then spinning. This tie is needed to make this work.

The silk used in this tie is not spit out. Vidmeyer genetically transforms yeast to produce proteins in spider silk. When he gets full of a vat of this protein, he spun it into a thread. This thread is like a real spider under a microscope.

Synthetic Spider Fiber will Start the New Era for Textile

Now, Vidmeyer is working with people to put this spider into use. “We always have a good ductility and a strong one,” he said, “and we usually give priority to this feature, or give priority to the characteristics of the fabric – the fabric is either elastic but not strong, but strong but not flexible. ”

“The real problem with synthetic fibers is that they come from plastic products that are produced by oil, and we need to find an alternative that has the same or better performance and sustainability.”

Bolt clothing company is not the only company trying to produce silk thread. Spider silk is one of the most solid and most flexible materials. Let the spider directly spit out enough spider silk try has failed. An important reason is that having enough spiders to stay in one place will eventually lead to disparity. Facts have proved that it is not commercially viable to genetically engineer goats to make their hairs like silk plans. A Japanese company has taken the same approach as the Bolt Garment Company, but it is believed that it has not yet reached the level of Bolt Garment Company.

“This tie is a milestone in the field of rayon, even though it has not yet fully demonstrated the characteristics of this material,” said Chris Holland of the University of Sheffield in the UK. “This means that a wave of new silk products is coming soon, and this product combines the power of genetic engineering and controllable textiles and can be tailored to customer requirements, and as this technology continues to evolve, we may be able to start using Other surprising properties of spider silk, such as the use of its biological adaptability to manufacture medical materials, the use of its super strong characteristics of the manufacture of high quality fiber.

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