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Dynamic Single Fiber Profilometer

Dynamic Single Fiber Profilometer

Model :T103
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  • Dynamic Single Fiber Profilometer


Dynamic single fiber profilometer is professional designed for measuring the surface morphology with tensile property. It is the testing instrument which can combine two measurements, morphology and tensile property. Unlike other normal tensile testing instrument or microscope, the dynamic profilometer can establish direct relationship between surface morphology and tensile property of fiber. By recording the real time changes under tensile force with high-speed photography system, the tester can provide detailed information to describe the surface changes of fiber at different forces.
Dynamic single fiber profilometer, Dynamic fiber shape meter


  • Suitable for different kinds of fiber.
  • Digital scanning system to record the surface changes.
  • Adjustable testing speed and displacement can meet different testing requirements.


Item Detail
Sample length ≤120mm
Diameter ≥1mm
Scanning angle 360°
Image resolution 8px/μm
Acquisition speed 100FPS/s


No. Product
2010301 Dynamic single fiber profilometer
2010302 Computer with analysis software


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