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Yarn Twist Tester

Yarn Twist Tester

Model :T251
Responsing Time:1 Working Days
Shipping Port:Shanghai
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C
  • Yarn Twist Tester
  • Yarn Twist Tester
  • Yarn Twist Tester
  • Yarn Twist Tester
  • Yarn Twist Tester


Yarn twist tester with digital microprocessor controller is to determine the twist of single or piled yarn. Built-in different testing routines can accommodate for different industry or standard requirements. Special options include standard testing modes and custom modes, designed to satisfy various standards or the specific using requirements. Automatic testing process and calculating system can reduce the human subjective errors and raise the degree of precision. The tester supports the data storage and export, it is a great help for data analyses and comparisons.


GB/T 2543.1   GB/T 2543.2   FZ/T 10001   ASTM D1422   ASTM D1423     BS 2085   DIN 53832   ISO 2061   IWTO 25-70   JIS L1095


  • Microprocessor controlled system can analyze the data automatically.
  • Data automatic display, storage and support print output.
  • Tester can connect computer for further data saving and analyzing.
  • Color touch screen with Chinese and English interface.
  • Dual speed measurements of yarn gripper provide a precise rotation rate.


Item Detail
Four standard testing modes F0-Direct counting method
F1-Single untwist-retwist method
F2-Double untwist-retwist method
F3-Multiple untwist-retwist method
Testing length 10-500mm
Rotation rate range 100-1900r/min
Manual adjusting rotating rate 100-1900r/min
Twist number 1-1999
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Dimension 890mm×290mm×215mm
Net weight 11kg


No. Product
2025101 Yarn twist tester
2025102 Weights


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