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Fabric Drape Tester

Fabric Drape Tester

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Fabric drape tester is designed to use the testing method for fabrics such as skirt, suit pants, curtains, etc. which are draped under their own gravity parallel to fabric plane while the gravity is perpendicular to fabric plane. With image processing method, fabric drape tester can measure the static and dynamic drape performances of fabrics. The fabric drape tester can provide drape coefficient, wave number, uniformity of wave amplitude, evenness of wave angle, etc. and the testing results of positive and negative side of fabrics, respectively.
Fabric drape tester


GB /T 23329  FZ/T 01045  BS EN 9073 BS 5058  ERT 90-1  AFNOR G07-109  UNI 8279


  • Automatic testing system reduces the negative influence for test results of manual placing sample.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Easy to use operation system and reliable performance satisfy different requirements of testing samples.
  • Improving the objective evaluation of fabrics’ performance and appearance style.
  • Automated control by software, including data processing, data storage, results displaying and report output.


Item Detail
Sample diameter 240mm
Template diameter  120mm
Elevating rate of template 0-800mm/min
Rotating rate of template 0-200r/min
Accuracy of drape coefficient ≤±1%
Power supply  220V 50Hz
Dimension 400mm×400mm×800mm
Net weight 25kg


No. Product
2037201 Fabric drape tester
2037202 Computer
2037203 Laptop
2037204 Analyzing software

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