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Dripping Test Machine

Dripping Test Machine

Model :F725
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  • Dripping Test Machine
  • Dripping Test Machine


Dripping test machine is the professional test apparatus to determine the fire resistance performance of materials according to dripping test or drop test of melting behavior from NF P92-505. By producing radiant heating from Epiradiator heat resource, the tester provides burning conditions of tested samples for operator to measure the inflamed or dripping performance of cotton wool during the tests. The machine is widely used for interior lining of roof, adjoining parts of motor vehicle or other transporting vehicles.
Dripping Test Machine for NF P92-505


NF P92-505, 95/28/EC


  • Epiradiator radiant heating source provides adjustable thermal flux.
  • Distance adjusting between sample and radiant heating source.
  • Radiant heat output is controlled by power meter which is easy to operate and stable during the test.


Item Detail
Radiant heating resource Epiradiator heating system
Rotation angle of Epiradiator 90°
Diameter of Epiradiator 100mm
Heating flux 30KW/m²
Sample frame Φ118mm
Cotton wool dish Φ118mm
Power supply 220V 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 500mm×300mm×650mm
Net weight 30 kg


No.  Product
0672501 Dripping test machine
0672502 Heat flux controller
0672503 Cotton wool kit


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