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Which type of textiles will contain formaldehyde easily?

Oct 09, 2016 at 19:29
The latest textile products random inspections show that many import clothes have varying levels of formaldehyde problems. Just for one brand, there are 9 bathes of clothes having the formaldehyde problems.

For Chinese requirements, the wearinside clothes have to reach B level which means the formaldehyde is below 75mg/kg. For infants and young children, the formaldehyde is below 20mg/kg. The main hazard of formaldehyde exceeding reflects in stimulating the skin mucous membrane. It will cause allergic dermatitis, even cancer. It is a huge risk for infants and young children. But as a great dyeing auxiliaries and resin finishing agent, formaldehyde is widely used for fiber, textile and garment for coloring, color fixation, improving the crease-resistance and preshrinking.

During the researches by testing formaldehyde content, results show that there are four types textiles will contain formaldehyde more easily. They are iron-free garment, jeans wear, children garment and the clothes stored in the artificial furniture. For the benefits of reducing the iron work after washing and drying, many customers choose iron-free garments for daily wear because they are easy to wash and wear and have great appearance of flatness, joint appearance and dimensional stability. But the wash and wear garments will be added formaldehyde as finishing agent to reach the goal of great crease-resistance and preshrinking performances. Jeans wears have the same problems by adding formaldehyde as dyeing auxiliaries. Children garments are always colorful and this raises the risks of adding formaldehyde. And for the clothes stored in the artificial furniture, they have formaldehyde problems because they will absorb the formaldehyde from the artificial materials furniture.

There are some tips for reduce the risks of formaldehyde. Finding proper and safe clothes is very important for everyone, especially the wearinside clothes and under wears. Checking the label more carefully and don’t buy the products without any safety label. Choosing light color clothes more than the colorful products. Try to use vinegar to wash clothes before daily wear. Try to boil the clothes which can be heated before wear them. Choosing simple materials, it will be benefit for your health and also for the environment.
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