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The male workers in Chinese mill

Oct 15, 2016 at 22:26
Every time somebody talked about mill, I will remember the drama series ‘The mill’ from BBC channel four. It is historical drama series, based on the lives of apprentices working in mill in 19th century. Or the scene of women busy working in the factory.

There is a similar character of the scenes mentioned above. That’s most workers in mill or textile factory are women. They have impressed figures such as headscarf on head and shawl on the shoulder for 19th century, cap on head and uniform labour suits for nowadays factory. The mill is a working place that female workers will take the majority.

But there are also many male workers in mill or the textile manufacturing place. They are busy all day long and doing the same work. It is strange for most people at first but a normal situation now.

It is prejudiced that male workers are not suitable for mill or textile factory. But now you can find more and more male workers working for textile industry in China. Men have better energy for work and more suitable for the night shift. And they can do the guard work at night by the way. It is a great choice for many managers.

Working in the mill is hard, no matter in 19th century or now. Night shift is very normal. The working environment is terrible because it is dirty and very noisy. For many male workers, they will also do the maintenance for machine, handling products, even other heavy physical work. But they show their responsibility and pride for the work. When you talk with them, you can find that they really love the job and enjoy the job.

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