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Some tips for avoiding your white sneakers become yellow


White sneaker is really hot these two years and almost every person has a pair. But it is really annoying when you find your white sneaker turned yellow.

Some tips for avoiding your white sneakers become yellow

Due to the original color of materials made for sneaker, manufacturers will add chemical to bleach the materials to raise the whiteness degree. For some materials, the factory even has to use whitener agent to achieve the goal of physical whitening. These whiteners can absorb ultraviolet light and release green and purple light, in order to correct the spectrum. As a result, we have a white sneaker visually.

As you know, these effects are just temporary. The white sneaker will show the original color after exposed to sunlight and washed by detergent. The sweat which is alkaline will make white sneaker turned yellow. These processes will destroy the oxidation function of bleach and reduce the effect of whiteners. It is a common aging phenomenon when we wear white sneaker or white clothes. But here are some tips for you to save your white sneaker and reduce the yellow discoloration speed.

Some tips for avoiding your white sneakers become yellow

a. For the sneakers which are already turn yellow. After you wash the shoes, put white toilet paper covering the sneaker. The most important detail is put the paper on the sneaker when the sneaker still is wet and make sure the paper sticks on the surface of your sneaker. You will find that the paper become yellow and your sneaker turned white when the sneakers are dry in the sun.

Some tips for avoiding your white sneakers become yellow

b. If you are not satisfied about the results from tip a, you can try bleaching water. Put the washed shoes into the bleaching solution for 20 minutes. Rinsing several times by clean water and cover the shoes with white toilet paper as tip a, then send the shoes dry in the sun.

c. You can try whitening toothpastes if you don’t have the tools above.

d. Baking soda is a useful tool too. You can put the sneakers into soda solution for 15 minutes, then rinse by clean water. If you want to have better effects, you can try soda solution with higher temperature for soaking sneakers.

e. The used rice water is also a great choice. Collecting the water for rice washing and soaking the shoes in the water for a while.

f. You can try lead powder (complexions) at the same. It is an optional advice but not the recommended from me. Because lead powder is harmful for health. Brush the powder up to the surface of your shoes. Covering the shoes and you will find the shoes turn white when they are dry.

g. It is easy to buy white shoe powder or other products.

Some tips for avoiding your white sneakers become yellow

You can try the methods mentioned above or you can just leave it there as faded effect. Original color is another kind of fashion if you can accept it.

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