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Do you ever imagine how “dirty” your new clothes are?


When you finished shopping, do you have the same idea with me to wear the new and beautiful dresses on at once? When you looked at the new dresses, you must imagine how you look when put them on. But do you ever imagine how “dirty” and “harmful” your new clothes are?

Do you ever imagine how “dirty” your new clothes are?

But the truth is almost every kind of yarn or dyed fabric need to be added chemicals to make clothes. And these chemicals may cause various side effects, such as itching, hives or contact dermatitis. You could not see or find the chemicals, but they will make you feel very uncomfortable.

These chemicals are necessary in commercial yarn, fabric or garment manufacturing process. For example, textiles will have the opportunity to touch water during the manufacturing. The manufacturers will spray anti-fungal agents on the products in order to prevent mildew. You will consider that natural fiber or 100% pure cotton products will be safe. But they will be adopted corrosive chemicals in the process and of course they are not safe either.

Do you ever imagine how “dirty” your new clothes are?

Even if you pay more attention to the place of manufacture, it won’t make differences. Because when you buy a French brand skirt which is made in Vietnam, but the fabric will be got from China. Each country’s restriction on chemical use is different.

Formaldehyde is a type Ⅲ carcinogenic substance. It is the lowest carcinogen category. Because it’s few in number and don’t last long, so a lot of people don’t consider it as a threat. But every little makes a mickle. Do you really want to be exposed to carcinogens every single day? I believe you will definitely say no. Some formaldehyde content tests show that nearly one percent of clothes will have the issue of formaldehyde.

Clothes will breed bacterium, lice and fungi in the process from manufacturing to delivery to the shops. And when you try on clothes, you also have no way to determine who crossed the dress before you and they have lice cases, even other infectious diseases or not. No one is sure about that, so don’t put your life in danger.

Do you ever imagine how “dirty” your new clothes are?

Fortunately, the dirty or harmful problems can be greatly reduced as long as you clean them before wear. Just one time careful laundry will reduce the skin rash or lice spread and the opportunity to touch the chemicals will cause your skin sensitive. The following list is of some necessary cleaning clothes: socks, underwear, shirts, sportswear, t-shirts, shorts, dress, swim suit and other clothes will contact with skin directly.

Do you ever imagine how “dirty” your new clothes are?

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